Thursday, August 19, 2004

Strange Dreams (Diaryland)

2004-05-04 - 1:18 a.m.

Wow, I had some strange dreams last night. I don't remember the details very well, all I really know is that they were weird and they made me really tired when i woke up. Oh and in the last one I was married to Ashley, which is odd considering that I haven't dreamt about her in months. Well on the job front things are still pretty slow. I've got an interview with a pet grooming place called Groomingdales, one of the ladies I work with has connections there. So I may end up bathing dogs until I can find a better job, but hell it pays 7.00 per hour to start and I love pets so that would be kinda cool. I joined some new groups on tickle today, hopefully they'll be more active than the ones I was already in. Maybe i can meet some new friends. Well I've got an early Tee-Time so I should probably be getting off to bed. Good day.

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