Friday, September 24, 2004

moved in

egads, i have to type this all over again because i hit back on accident. anyhow, i'm moved into the new house now so those of you that live in town should call me or email me so that we can hang out sometime. not much going on other than the new house, if anything exciting happens i'll be sure to post about it. oh and be sure to check out my friends blogs.

Katie's Blog

Matt's Blog

they are both teh rox0rz so check them out.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Living Space

well, i moved into the new house today, for the most part anyway. I have my bed and computer, all the essentials. now i just have to help everyone else in the family move in. not really looking forward to that. anyhow, nothing else exciting going on, life is boring as usual. goodbye for now my fellow humans, and the occasional canine reader.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

New House

well, the new house is finished now, they started the landscaping and block wall today, and did all of the carpet. so all we have to do now is wait for the cleaners to come in and clean all of the construction mess up and we can move in. so i'll be busy moving stuff all next week. not looking forward to the actual moving but once we get all moved in it'll be nice to not have to worry about it. then i just need to find a job so i can make a little money :P

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


someone that i used to work with at the dixie center died on saturday. he was only 44 years old and his birthday would have been in 2 weeks. he died in a automobile accident, most likely because he wasn't wearing a seat belt. after going to the viewing this evening i have been left contemplating many things. why do such horrible things happen to such good people? Is life just a series of random occurances? or is there something more to it? death seems to do this to most people, make them contemplate that is.

On a different note, I got my season 4 Angel DVDs last week and finished watching them last night. I never realized it before but in the final episode Angel actually kills Connor in order to give him a different life.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


well, nothing insanely exciting going on. about the most exciting thing that happened in the last 2 days is that we had french dips for dinner tonight and they were yummy. oh and someone who stumbled across my blog by accident that happens to live in the same area as me has contacted me. still alone, still without hope, still not ready to give up hope.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

maybe in an alternate dimension

yesterday and the day before i was all depressed and now i seem to be doing alright. what the hell is going on with me? weird stuff. anyhow, i took matt back up to ogden yesterday and stayed the night at his dorm. we went over to cierra's house and just talked for a couple hours then matt and i went for some food and i took off back down here at around 7:30. the crappy thing is that i left my blanket and all of my pillows at matt's place so now i have to sleep with something that i'm not used to.... oh well.
life sure is strange right now. i thought that i'd never want to move out of my parents house but now that i've been up to ogden and spent time with matt and cierra i really wish that i could go up there for school. problem is i don't have the money to pay for school and housing. i guess i'll just have to work down here for awhile and save up some cash in order to pay for some schooling. I just really want to be up there so that I can hang out with matt and cierra more often. ugh, i don't know what i'm going to do with myself once we move into st. george. i'll have to get a job and i'll have no free time, not that i do anything important with my free time now. i wish i could meet someone soon, being alone is driving me insane, and the person that i like would never like me back. it really wouldn't work between us anyway. maybe in an alternate dimension.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

like shit

well this is just great, now not only do i feel like shit about myself, but i think i'm getting sick so i just feel like shit all together. life is just grand.

Why Am I Me?

sometimes I can't help but wonder why I am the way I am. why am I depressed? why am I a loner? why do I get depressed when I'm with my friends? why are my friends my friends? everyone is so much better than me at everything, why am I here? I have no talents. I used to think that I was an artistic person because I liked to sing. now I realize that I'm not artistic at all, I can only sing other people's words and never my own. why do I have these dreams of the same person every night? someone I hardly know. why am I me?

feeling bad for me

so now i really feel bad about myself. matt has a girl that likes him, jared (matt's little brother) has a girl that likes him. everyone has someone except for me. i feel like i must be disgusting or something because it seems like nobody even looks at me anymore. yeah, i pretty much hate myself today. i did have some fun though. we (matt and i) went over to katie's (matt's girl) house and sat there for a few hours. then we went to matt's house and ate food. then we went and picked up katie and her sister and cousin and took jared with us to fiesta fun center. we played mini golf and rode the go-cart thingies, it was pretty cool. afterwards we went to wendy's and got food and then went to the park and ate the food, and screwed around at the park for about 2 hours and 1/2. then we came home. anyhow, i feel like shit about myself and i'm done talking. i guess it's good that i sort of like someone right now, the sad part is that i hardly even know her anymore, and i have absolutely no chance whatsoever with her because she is way too good for me. ok, i guess i wasn't done talking....typing when i said i was, but now i am. badnight, oh noes.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Ogden and Back

well today was an interesting day. matt called me and i drove up to ogden to get him and bring him down for labour day weekend. I was going to stay the night up there but we just decided to drive back down, so I just got home about 15 minutes ago. This little trip puts the kaibosh on the september 17th trip. anyhow, that's all for now.

Friday, September 03, 2004


well, i got a gmail account, now i just have to wait for them to give pop or imap access to the accounts. then i can use thunderbird with it and i might actually switch to gmail. i'm not sure why i want gmail, i store all of my mail on my computer anyway, so the 1GB of storage doesn't really help me any. in other news, i'm really bored, all the time. i really need a girlfriend, which poses a problem. it is impossible to meet anyone when you don't leave the house. maybe i'll get one of those mail order brides from russia or, not a good idea, i don't speak russian, or any other foreign language for that matter. oh well, i guess i'll just have to be alone more.