Wednesday, September 08, 2004

maybe in an alternate dimension

yesterday and the day before i was all depressed and now i seem to be doing alright. what the hell is going on with me? weird stuff. anyhow, i took matt back up to ogden yesterday and stayed the night at his dorm. we went over to cierra's house and just talked for a couple hours then matt and i went for some food and i took off back down here at around 7:30. the crappy thing is that i left my blanket and all of my pillows at matt's place so now i have to sleep with something that i'm not used to.... oh well.
life sure is strange right now. i thought that i'd never want to move out of my parents house but now that i've been up to ogden and spent time with matt and cierra i really wish that i could go up there for school. problem is i don't have the money to pay for school and housing. i guess i'll just have to work down here for awhile and save up some cash in order to pay for some schooling. I just really want to be up there so that I can hang out with matt and cierra more often. ugh, i don't know what i'm going to do with myself once we move into st. george. i'll have to get a job and i'll have no free time, not that i do anything important with my free time now. i wish i could meet someone soon, being alone is driving me insane, and the person that i like would never like me back. it really wouldn't work between us anyway. maybe in an alternate dimension.

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