Sunday, September 05, 2004

feeling bad for me

so now i really feel bad about myself. matt has a girl that likes him, jared (matt's little brother) has a girl that likes him. everyone has someone except for me. i feel like i must be disgusting or something because it seems like nobody even looks at me anymore. yeah, i pretty much hate myself today. i did have some fun though. we (matt and i) went over to katie's (matt's girl) house and sat there for a few hours. then we went to matt's house and ate food. then we went and picked up katie and her sister and cousin and took jared with us to fiesta fun center. we played mini golf and rode the go-cart thingies, it was pretty cool. afterwards we went to wendy's and got food and then went to the park and ate the food, and screwed around at the park for about 2 hours and 1/2. then we came home. anyhow, i feel like shit about myself and i'm done talking. i guess it's good that i sort of like someone right now, the sad part is that i hardly even know her anymore, and i have absolutely no chance whatsoever with her because she is way too good for me. ok, i guess i wasn't done talking....typing when i said i was, but now i am. badnight, oh noes.

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Kate said...

Dude, you are really an awesome guy. I have to be honest. you really shouldn't feel so bad about yourslef all of the time. I think you have a great chance at getting a girl! And another thing, I never really was "Matt's girl" as of now we are only to be friends. I think that there is someone for everone out there is this world. I have come to find that the best of things come apon me when I am not searching. I believe in a simple phylosophy, and I stand behind it, always and forever, -Yes, we have to go through shit in this life, but if we don't go through with that shit, then there wouldn't be any good because it would all be the same.- Hang in there man. And if you ever need to talk about anything, I'm here!

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