Thursday, August 19, 2004

Confusion (Diaryland

2004-04-07 - 2:03 p.m.

Ok, now I'm just getting confused. I thought things were going really well with Robin and I, but then yesterday she tells me that she feels suffocated and needs some space. Yeah ok so I'm giving her space, and then she called me today and while we were talking her other phone rang. So she answered it and I could hear a guy on the other end and I thought "Oh it's probably her cousin." because they talk all the time and are pretty close, but then the way she was talking to him it seemed different. To top it off the last thing I heard her say to him was "Aahhh how sweet" and then "hang on a second" then she told me she'd call me back later, and didn't say I love you or even call me hunny which is what she normally does. I really hope that I'm just reading too much into this, if she is cheating on me after all of this I swear to christ I will just fucking kill myself. Ok now I'm gonna go beat the shit out of my punching bag to work out some aggression.

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