Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wanting To Cry

I finally watched a movie that I've avoided for a while, Reign Over Me. I have avoided watching it because I thought it would make me too sad. It's the first movie that I've watched that has anything to do with 9/11. For some reason anything to do with that day just really affects me. It's strange because I didn't lose anyone close to me that day, for some reason it just gets to me. I think it's fairly normal. I thought for sure I would end up crying due to the movie, I didn't. The tears still won't come. I would like to cry, it's coming up on three months since I have. For some reason it just doesn't happen. It's not nice considering that I'm used to crying usually once a week or so. It's not because I'm not sad, I'm certainly as sad as always. There's definitely something wrong with not being able to cry. Of course there may also be something wrong with wanting to cry.

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