Saturday, January 19, 2008

Physical Vs. Emotional

So I think that love is misrepresented a large majority of the time. Most people equate love with some sort of physical relationship. While love more often than not leads to a physical relationship I do not believe that a physical relationship is needed when you love someone. For me I think I would rather have a deep emotional connection to someone for an extended period of time, rather than jump into something physical. I would like to be able to just love someone and have them love me back without needing anything physical. Only when it feels right for both people should anything physical happen. I suppose I should clarify. I think that generally being physically close is one thing. Kissing, and anything beyond that is completely different. I've realized recently that I really don't care about the physical aspect of a relationship, I suppose I've always felt this way, I've just come to understand it more recently.

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