Friday, January 28, 2005

Chaos, Utter Chaos

well i had one hell of a morning, i arrived at work at 1:30 AM to do my paperwork before loading up my truck. I get the paperwork done by 2:00 like i always do. I get the truck around to the dock and there are still 3 vans loading up. i go in and ask donna what is going on and she says that we're running more than an hour late. i didn't get on the road until about 3:30 when normally i'm out of there by 2:15. I make my first three drops without incident, when i get to lins to make the big drop there are already carriers waiting there for their papers. so of course i had to give the people that were already there their papers first, which really screwed up my order. during the course of the unloading one of the carriers got 1 extra bundle and i ended up having to drive all the way back to the plant to get a bundle +5 and then all the way back out to santa clara to make my last 4 drops. needless to say it was a very hectic morning for me. i got back home at about 6:15 and went to sleep after a little surfing of the net. at 9:00 roger calls me and asks me if i can come out to the plant to have a little meeting with him about something. so i get up and get dressed and head out there. about 5 minutes after i got there the fire alarm started going off, it turns out that a water line broke in the press room and it was flooding. so roger is running around trying to find the place to turn off the water and trying to get someone to come turn off the fire alarm. finally after about 45 minutes of sitting around on my part roger comes back and tells me what the deal is. his boss called him this morning and told him that he is over budget for employees and that he can't keep me on as a regular employee. he then tells me that he want's me to sign a contract so that he can keep me on because i'm doing such a good job. so now i will be doing the hurricane route 7 days a week and be getting a flat rate every two weeks, and i drive my own vehicle now instead of a company vehicle. now that all of the chaos has finally subsided i am ready to go back to sleep. goodnight, or morning as it were.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

First Day

well, i survived my first day on the new job. i think this job will work out really well. it'll take me a week to get a sleeping schedule set up, i've been on a "normal" schedule for the past couple of weeks and now i have to go back to my usual. in other news, my ps2 finally bit the dust after a good 3 years of having to open it up and fix the laser every month or so. i guess i know what i'll be spending my first paycheck on, i'll just get one of those fancy new slimline model ps2s. i think i'll look on ebay for a pre-modded one so that i can play my "backup" games. anyhow, rock on and all that good stuff, i'll update if anything good happens.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Urge

i don't think i've ever wanted to be elsewhere more than i do right now. not for any particular reason, i just feel like i need to be somewhere else. i really feel the need to be camping, around a campfire. i feel like a different person when i'm sitting near a fire, either with others or all alone. or perhaps the fire brings out my true self, maybe i am only me when i am at a fire and right now i am a different person.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

New Job

well lets see, what's been going on in AlanRay's world lately. marie and i played tennis on monday, that was cool, very difficult to learn but fun i also had a job interview with the spectrum. yesterday i sat around on my bum all day doing nothing, and i got a call about the job with the spectrum. today i went to IHC Workmed to do a drug screening for my new job, then i went to the DLD to get a copy of my driving record (oooh fun). later, actually in about 15 minutes i'm going over to marie's house to hang out. nothing overly exciting, the job thing is good, i'll be a part time delivery driver for the spectrum. 6 days a week 4 hours a day, decent pay. should work out well.

Saturday, January 15, 2005


well, my family and i went around town today to survey the damage of the floods. i took some amazing pictures of it all which can be found here
thanks go to the dictator moonty for hosting my pics on his wonderful website, also visit his blog

Thursday, January 13, 2005

New Hair (Or Lack Thereof)

on an impulse this morning i shaved the majority of my hair off, down to 3/8". i mostly did it because i knew i'd have to get a haircut in order to find a job. i just figured that i might as well save myself a few bucks and do it myself. i'll have pics soon so that you can all see me in all my short haired glory. i miss my hair, but i'll let it grow back when i have a solid job and don't have to worry about job interviews.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Happy To Report

i am happy to report that i am indeed still alive, luckily (for me) the flooding is happpening away from my home. not so happy to report that so far 27 houses have been literally taken out by the flood and at least 1 person is dead. i'm sure there are many many more houses that are flooded, the ones that i mentioned are actually gone. the santa clara river claimed most of them as far as i know, it basically carved it's own path and the banks got wider by the minute (the news said 1 foot per minute at it's peak). the small community of gunlock was completely seperated from civilization, as some of you may know, gunlock has bridges on both ends of town which are the only way in and out (besides a dirt road which was also washed out i am told). both bridges were supposedly destroyed in the flood and the national guard has been evacuating people from the town by way of a black hawk helicopter. needless to say it has been a crazy couple of days here in southern utah, but hopefully the worst is over.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

The British Accent

i just realized this morning while i was laying in bed that i find british accents extremely attractive. strangely enough i don't think i've ever met anyone in real life that has a british accent. for some reason i really want to meet a girl with a british accent. i think it would make things so very different for me. this really shouldn't be so big to me but it's like some sort of revelation. i shall stop at nothing until i meet a cute sexy girl with a british accent. and that is my fiendish plan.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Another Year Past

well, another year in the history books, many things happened this year, i don't feel like naming many, so i will name some that have happened in the last month or so. earlier today the ASU Sun Devils beat the Purdue Boilermakers in one of those college bowl games. The 49ers were shut out this year for the first time in a long time (something like 30 years). the 49ers will also have the number one draft pick this year because they suck so badly. Reggie White died. Angel was cancelled. the first three seasons of Seinfeld, AKA the greatest show ever, came out on DVD. The final season of Buffy came out on DVD. i'm sure many other more important things happened this year that I can't think of at the moment. So yeah, happy new year everyone, and to Dustin. I hope you fulfil your new years resolution.