Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Happy To Report

i am happy to report that i am indeed still alive, luckily (for me) the flooding is happpening away from my home. not so happy to report that so far 27 houses have been literally taken out by the flood and at least 1 person is dead. i'm sure there are many many more houses that are flooded, the ones that i mentioned are actually gone. the santa clara river claimed most of them as far as i know, it basically carved it's own path and the banks got wider by the minute (the news said 1 foot per minute at it's peak). the small community of gunlock was completely seperated from civilization, as some of you may know, gunlock has bridges on both ends of town which are the only way in and out (besides a dirt road which was also washed out i am told). both bridges were supposedly destroyed in the flood and the national guard has been evacuating people from the town by way of a black hawk helicopter. needless to say it has been a crazy couple of days here in southern utah, but hopefully the worst is over.

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