Saturday, April 16, 2005


I finally took the GED on Tuesday and passed it. I got a 3060 as the title of this post implies. I got well above passing on all sections and 3 were even in the top 90th percentile. So now I have to go in and get all signed up for classes, I sort of have mixed feelings about it. I'm excited about finally doing something but at the same time I'm frightened of being around that many people.

I went to another show with Matt, AJ, and Colton tonight. It wasn't the greatest show but whatever, better than sitting at home doing nothing.

In case you didn't notice I've sort of lost my passion for blogging seeing as there's nothing exciting going on right now. Maybe once I start school I'll start blogging again more often.

I decided that I need to learn how to play guitar, maybe if I learn that and am actually able to write music then some lyrics will come out.

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