Wednesday, February 02, 2005


well, i've been doing the hurricane route for about 5 days now, the last two of which have been on my own. i'm getting into a routine, things are working out pretty well. i got home at 5:00AM this morning, which is a full hour earlier than yesterday. the only thing i'm worried about is that i don't have time for much else besides sleep and work. i have tv shows that i watch with my mom almost every night, saturday and sunday are the only days that i don't watch anything. i'm asleep most of the day because i have to work at night. i just don't know how this is going to work out, i obviously can't go to school. my mom said she doesn't want me to worry about school right now though because she thinks that this is a good opportunity for me. so i guess i'll just get my GED so that i can start school whenever i'm ready. i'm starting to get pretty lonely though, it's been about a year since robin and i met, i'm really not hung up on her though, i don't really think about her that often. i'm still more hung up on ashley than i ever will be about robin, and i'm really not that hung up on ashley. it's just being alone that makes me lonely.....hmmm, that makes sense. yeah, like i've told people countless times, my greatest fear is being alone. right now i'm living that fear, and i've gotta say, facing it isn't helping at all.

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