Thursday, November 25, 2004


well, thanksgiving has been a very hectic day. this has been a hectic week for that matter. two of my sisters, my brother, my sister kelli's boyfriend, my sister heather's husband, two nephews and one niece are all staying here for about three days. i ate a lot of food today and it tasted mighty good.

on a different, and very tiring subject. i'm starting to believe that the main reason i haven't had a girlfriend for over 3 years is because i'm afraid to like anyone. every time i start to think that i like someone i somehow manage to scare myself away. i started to have a panic attack last night just at the thought of liking someone. anyhow, enough of my pointless ramblings. i'm sure anyone reading this has more important thinks you could be doing, so go back to doing those more important things.

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