Monday, July 21, 2008


I write because I am compelled to write, not because I have anything in particular to write about. I wish I could write interesting fiction, my brain simply doesn't seem to come up with ideas fit for that sort of thing. So I am relegated to writing about the happenings within my own life, whether they be interesting or not.

I have had a couple of weeks here where the bad has outweighed the good. It was to be expected, that sort of thing always happens when I get my hopes up. I'm through the worst of it now I believe. I feel better today, despite the fact that physically I feel horrible. For some reason my body is just not happy today. I am all shaky and my muscles ache, I am sick to my stomach and have a headache. I can't possibly be getting sick, I've already been sick once this year.

I find myself, once again, unemployed. Mostly out of lack of effort. If I wanted to I'm sure I could go out and get a job fairly easily. It's simply a matter of defeating my own mind and forcing myself to do so. At this point I'm waiting on a job at the Community College library. My friend works there and it seems like a good job to occupy my time and make a little money. I should still be making just enough money from the 6 stores that we still count to pay the car payment. As soon as I do get another job I doubt I will want to do that anymore though.

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