Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Working Days

So I pretty much work non-stop these days. I enjoy the people I work with and most of the time I enjoy my job. The only problem is that I hate the job I am actually supposed to do. I love working in the store fixing computers, I hate going out to people's houses to set up new systems. The biggest problem lies in the fact that in order for me to 'move up' one of my coworkers would have to get fired or quit. I don't want that to happen. I suppose I just have to deal with it, that's what normal people do I guess.

I was hopeful about some relationship stuff the past few days but now things aren't quite going as I had hoped. Sometimes people get too wrapped up in their own lives and just get too busy to deal with anything resembling a relationship. That hasn't happened to me yet but I am afraid that it might if I don't have something happen soon.

I got a wedding invitation from an old friend today. It's strange to think that people I went to school with are married. Life sure doesn't turn out the way you plan or want it to. I always thought that I would be in college or married, or at least in a relationship. I think I was made into a social retard because of the fact that I dropped out of high school. I don't seem to have the normal social skills that most people possess.

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